Get Wakefield Talking Newspaper

We record news and information from each Friday’s Wakefield Express. These items usually produce about eighty minutes of listening.

We then distribute our recordings in several ways:-

Via USB Memory sticks
The recordings are copied onto MP3 memory sticks, which are delivered free of charge by the Royal Mail on the following Tuesday.  We can loan memory stick players to members who need them. (See ‘FAQs‘).

In addition to local news items, we also add three magazines issues to the USB version of WTN. (Copyright restrictions prevent us adding these to the online and phone app versions.) This means that members using the USB version receive about four hours of listening every week.

To receive the USB version of the newspaper, members have to be registered as partially-sighted or blind, so that our materials can be sent and returned free of charge by the Post Office.  We can only distribute USB sticks within the UK.

Listeners usually receive their USB sticks through the post on Tuesdays.

If you are interested in receiving our USB edition, or know someone who you think might benefit from receiving it please contact us.

We publish the eighty minute, news only, edition of the newspaper online via the ‘Listen‘ page of this website.

Phone/Tablet App
The British Wireless for the Blind Fund provides an App for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets that allows listeners to access Talking Newspapers from across the UK. An advantage of this App is that our listeners can also listen to newspapers from adjoining areas such as Pontefract and Castleford, Leeds and Sheffield if they wish.

Listeners can download the free BWBF App onto their phones and tablets from the Android ‘Play Store’ or the Apple ‘App Store’. Simply enter ‘Talking Newspaper’ into their search boxes.

BWBF Players
The British Wireless for the Blind Fund streams our recordings to their specially adapted Bumblebee and Sonata Plus+ players so that anyone who has one of these can listen to our recordings.

Our news only editions are usually available every Saturday morning via our website, the phone app or BWBF players.