Please help
We are urgently need some new volunteers. In particular, we need a new recording technician and new members for our Copy Team.  Details of these roles are provided on the Volunteer page.
If you can spare a few hours a month to help us to provide a service which we know is greatly valued by our listeners, we will be very happy to hear from you. Please consider joining us

The Wakefield Talking Newspaper is a voluntary organisation that records information from the Wakefield Express and other local sources for listeners who are registered as visually impaired or blind.

We publish our paper in two versions:-

Postal version:  This is the full edition of our paper which always contains news from the Wakefield Express and, often, notes about local events; contributions from local groups; recordings of local meetings; local interviews; quizzes; and reviews of products and services for visually impaired people.  It also includes, every week, audio copies of three national magazines such as People’s Friend, BBC History, Good Housekeeping, Readers Digest and National Geographic. This full version usually lasts for around three hours

We distribute it through the post on USB memory sticks at no cost.  Our members receive their copies on Tuesday mornings.

Online version: We publish a reduced edition of our paper, excluding the national magazines, through four online channels:-  a player on this website; via any Alexa enabled player; via any Google enabled player; and through a mobile phone app. The online version usually lasts about ninety minutes and is released every Saturday morning.

Please see our ‘Get WTN‘ page for further details.

Audio Description
If you prefer to listen to an audio description of our Newspaper, please click on the play button below:-