Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for Wakefield Talking Newspaper?
No. The service is completely free.

How will I receive Wakefield Talking Newspaper?
We deliver our recordings in four ways. You can receive the Newspaper by MP3 memory stick through the post;  you can listen online; use the BWBF App to listen by phone or tablet; or use the BWBF’s Sonata or Bumblebee devices.

How can I get the BWBF App?
The App is downloadable at either the Android ‘Play Store’ or the Apple ‘App Store’.

How can I get the USB version of the Newspaper?
To be eligible for the USB version you need to registered as partially-sighted or blind and to live in the UK. Please contact WTN if you need these criteria and wish to join us.

Do I need a specialist device to listen to the USB version?
No. Our memory sticks will work with any MP3 players you may already own, such as a computer. If you do not already have an MP3 player, we can loan you an MP3 player to you for as long as you are a member. The players are specifically designed to be easy to use by visually-impaired listeners.

What about the cost of posting USB sticks to me?
USB sticks are sent out and returned under the ‘Articles for the Blind’ regulations so there is no cost.

How would I receive and return the weekly USB stick?
 In a padded plastic wallet addressed to your home. When you have finished listening, you simply need to turn over the address label on the front so that it reads ‘Wakefield Talking Newspaper’ and put it back into the post.

Can I keep the USB recordings?
No. We re-use our MP3 sticks so we do ask that you return them.

What happens if I don’t have time to listen to the USB recording?
Don’t worry. We have several wallets addressed to each listener so we can still send out the next recording even if we haven’t received the previous one or two. If we don’t receive anything back after about a month, we will contact you to see if you still want to receive our recordings.

Why are the magazines only available on the USB Version?
Copyright restrictions prevent us distributing the magazines to anyone who is not registered with us to receive WTN through the post.

Is there a help desk?
As Wakefield Talking Newspaper is entirely run by volunteers, we cannot staff a full-time help desk. We do, however, invite all our members, and potential members, to contact us whenever they wish. We always answer as promptly as we can.