Access via Alexa

You can listen to Wakefield Talking Newspaper via any Amazon Alexa enabled device.

Simply say ‘Alexa, open Wakefield Talking Newspaper’ and Alexa will find us.

The first time you use the Alexa app you will be offered the chance to listen to a brief explanation of  it’s commands. If you wish to listen to this again at a later date, simply say ‘Alexa, help’.

Once you have opened the app, you can use the following commands to control your listening:-

– “Alexa, play”            – plays the current track
– “Alexa, next track” – advance to the next track
– “Alexa, previous”   – go back to the previous track
– “Alexa, repeat”       – rewinds the current track by 30 seconds
– “Alexa, start over” – goes back to the start of the current week’s tracks
– “Alexa, exit”            – exits the App.

If you do not have time to listen to a complete edition of the paper in one session the next time you open the app you will have the choice of saying:-

– “Alexa, resume”     – to continue from where you stopped previously
– “Alexa, start over” – to begin again at the first track.

If you wish to hear last week’s edition, say “Alexa, previous” at the start of your session.