Access via telephone

Callers can listen to Wakefield Talking Newspaper by calling 0330 22 33 452 from either landline or mobile phones.

N.B. This is NOT a free number. ( ’03’ numbers are similar to standard UK ’01’ and ’02’ numbers with regard to charges.  Some contracts will allow free/included calls at weekends, so this may be a good time to listen.  If in doubt about the cost of listening to WTN via your phone, however, please check in advance with your service supplier. )

If you call from a landline, the system will recognise your dialling code, and automatically offer you the choice to listen to the nearest few Talking Newspapers. (Wakefield Talking Newspaper should be Option 1)

If you call from your mobile or withhold your phone number using the 141 prefix, you will be asked to manually type in your dialling code using your phone’s keypad.

Once you are listening to the Talking Newspaper, you can use the keypad on your phone to do certain things.

To move to the beginning of the next track, press 9
To go back to the beginning of the previous track, press 7
To fast forward by 30 seconds, press 6
To rewind by 30 seconds, press 4